Economy Iron Works is located in New Orleans on the corner of South Peters and Girod. We're close to the riverfront, and we owe a lot to the Mississippi river; marine repair work has traditionally been our mainstay.

Through the years, though, we've expanded our capabilities, and today we have customers in the commercial repair, construction, and oil industries as well. Precision lathe work, economical saw cutting, pump repairs, boring mill work, and hole drilling remain our specialties.

Our full machine shop is at your disposal; our company trucks are available to pick up and deliver your jobs. We'll work through the weekend if you need us to.

At Economy Iron Works, we have a reputation for quality. It's a reputation we've earned through our 93 years of customer service.

Marine & Commercial Repair Specialist

President Robert Jr. stands with son, Stuart, in front of their family's enterprise.

​Family owned and operated since 1922